Best Practices for Software Architecture in Hardware Companies

Today many traditional hardware companies find themselves in a position where their hardware products, which were once the essence of the business, are now merely a vehicle to carry software products and services. To be successful in the future, companies need to diversify their products even more and the most efficient way to do so is through software-based features.

Modularization is a method to design for reuse and increase the speed to market for new features and products. The idea isn’t new, but it has mainly been driven by technology. To succeed with future products and services, it is important to also embed business strategy into modular products.

What you will learn:

  • ​The symptoms of poor software architecture often found in hardware companies.
  • Best practices for software architecture in hardware companies and how to design for software-based innovation and diversification.
  • How to apply business-driven modularity to your software system and the difference that can make for development efficiency, speed, and quality.

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