Market product strategy is your decision on where to win in a market and with what products. You identify opportunities to deliver customer needs better than competitors in market spaces that provide an attractive level of revenue.

You will learn how to:

  • Embed market strategy into an evolving family of products
  • Evaluate how products will deliver on the expectations of target customers
  • Create winning value propositions versus competitive products for targeted spaces in the market
  • Build the needs of customers into your product architecture

To be efficient and effective at market product strategy, you need a consistent approach and set of tools for making decisions. This includes a coherent view of customer needs that are quantified for products intended to fulfill them. You need to focus your choices on where to win and guide the company down this path over time.

This webinar is helpful for someone who

  • Wants to build a multi-generation product/technology plan linked to market goals
  • Wants a consistent decision-making process deployed across a team

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