Increase Efficiency with a Unified Product Information Model

Unlock the full potential of your value chain by optimizing the flow of product information. Even the most complex product portfolios can be developed, manufactured, and delivered to the market when anchored in robust product architectures. 

Yet, all too often, the reality in practice is a fragmented landscape: various departments managing products in isolation, resulting in a lack of integrated data frameworks that could uniformly interact with essential IT systems—such as CPQ, PDM/PLM, or ERP solutions. This disjointed approach significantly decreases efficiency along the entire value chain, which only exacerbates as the product matures through its life cycle.

In this webinar, you will learn the transformative power of a unified product information model using an industry case study as our framework.

View the webinar to discover actionable insights and strategies to foster seamless integration across your organization, including:

  • What is the unified product information model?
  • How to get started efficiently based on existing product data
  • Practical applications and benefits for your enterprise.
  • The key factors for success that will drive your model's effectiveness.

Download now to learn how to increase efficiencies and pave the way for your organization's more integrated, successful future.

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