JUNE 10TH | 10:00-11.00 CST | 17:00-18:00 CET

Welcome to join our interactive webinar! The webinar will give you insight and inspiration on the topic and the opportunity to ask questions to our speaker live and via our chat. 

Product Complexity is a significant source of pain for many companies today. Many companies know that complexity is holding them back, but often struggle with knowing how to move forward or to justify the effort. The first webinar in the series introduced the concept of optimizing complexity by focusing on the variance valued by the market (an outside-in view) instead of rationalizing or standardizing parts and products based upon current volume (inside-out).  In the second webinar, you will be introduced to the concepts of quantifying this value.

You will learn about: 

  • How complexity drives cost across your entire organization
  • How the cost of complexity can be quantified
  • How the elements of a business case support investment to profit from optimal product complexity

Modular Product Architecture is a strategic means to deliver the external variety valued by the market while managing the internal complexity which would otherwise burden the organization.  Understanding how the value of this strategic approach is quantified is a key step to get started.

This webinar is helpful for someone who 

  • Wants to learn more about the cost complexity and that its quantification is a valuable starting point at their company
  • Wants to learn some simple concepts to empower them to move the conversation forward within their company


Luther Johnson Luther Johnson modular management

President of Modular Management North America is passionate about the value that can be created from a strategic approach to product structure as means to win the complexity game.  He has guided many companies along this journey since 2004. 


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