From Pain to Profit - Understanding the Value of Optimal Product Complexity

What is this webinar about? 

Product Complexity is a significant source of pain for many companies today.  For some, the complexity has grown organically over time as a response to market demand for variety. In other cases, it has multiplied instantly from acquisitions.  Under pressure to grow the top line, some companies continue to live with ever-expanding complexity even though the pain is often disproportionate to the gain of increased market share.

 If margin improvement is the prime objective, then product rationalization is often the shortcut taken even if it results in loss of market share.  There is a better path to move from pain to profit. 

You will learn about: 

  • The shortcomings of the product rationalization and standardization shortcuts 
  • The relationship between product structure and complexity 
  • The sources of value that can be realized from optimal product complexity  

This webinar is helpful for someone who 

  • Wants to address the pain of complexity in their company 
  • Wants to learn some simple talking points to empower them to move the conversation on complexity forward within their company 

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