Modular Management Provides Keynote address at the Japan Modular Design Research Association (ECM/MD Study Group) Seminar

TOYKO, Japan — November 3, 2023 — Modular Managementthe global leader in Product Architecture and Configuration Lifecycle Management, was pleased to be selected as the keynote address for the Japan Modular Design Research Association (ECM/MD Study Group) seminar. Held on November 1, 2023, in Tokyo, the conference brought together companies and individuals interested in the creation and implementation of modular product design.

A non-profit organization, the Japan Modular Design Research Association’s purpose is to promote modular design in Japan. As an extension of this mission, Professor Hino has been researching the principles and benefits of modularity for many years. All members, including the chairman, are volunteers. 


Fredrik Erbing, Executive Vice President of Modular Management Group & PALMA, and Thomas Enocsson, President of Modular Management Asia Pacific AB, were the speakers chosen to represent Modular Management at the event. The main topics for their presentation included a history of Modular Management, an overview of the proprietary MFD method that manufacturers use to develop entire product platforms systematically and efficiently, Modular Management’s response to the circular requirements in the EU, and how their methods already support the sustainability framework, and the PALMA software and its powerful capabilities. In addition to the main presentation, other members of the Modular Management Japan team provided an in-depth demonstration of PALMA for the attendees. The hands-on demonstration generated substantial interest in the solution and its possibilities for product architecture and configuration management. 


“In the quest of configuration lifecycle management and sustainability, modularization becomes a key enabler in product design,” said Fredrik Erbing, Executive Vice President of Modular Management Group & PALMA. Japan Modular Design Research Association’s dedication to enhancing product design and configuration lifecycle management is a testament to their commitment not only to modularity but also to a greener future. With the learning initiatives and research, they are both building the foundation for efficient product development as well as crafting a sustainability model that resonates across industries. Modular Management is honored to support their vision, for it is through their dedication that we pave the way for a more eco-conscious tomorrow.”


To learn more about modularity and how it supports circular requirements or PALMA, please visit or contact + 81-80-5932-1200.

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