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Product Development Consultant

Modular Management North America

Modular Management seeks an individual who can combine their market, product, engineering, and business expertise to guide our clients in achieving world-class product development success.  In this position, you will lead cross-functional client teams to create and implement modular product architecture across company functions and processes, engaging in a new way of working and building sustainable improvements in business performance. 

What's it Like to Work at Modular Management?

This is a fun and challenging place to work. 

We’re always looking for experienced consultants, young professionals and master’s students looking for new adventures. Especially if you have a digital, technical or economics background. You’re welcome to contact us even if we don’t have an Open Position that suits you right now.

Senior Consultant

We’re always keen to meet experienced people who want to move on. If you have a digital, technical or economics background, welcome to send in your application to the right. 

Young Professional

It’s not easy to have lots of experience when you’re a few years into your career or have just finished university. If you have a digital, technical or economics background, welcome to send in your application.  Since we work in teams it’s easier for you to learn on the job.

Master's Student

If you want a fun and collaborative place to do your master’s thesis we’re always interested in big ideas. Send an introductory email together with your CV via the form.




Contact me if you have any questions

Malin Ekerå
Vice President Modular Management Sweden

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