Achieve Rapid Results and Prepare for Modularization with Market-Driven Standardization

    While modular product architectures are often the most effective and efficient development strategy, the question of achieving tangible results within a short timeframe remains. Market-oriented standardization can be used as preparation for immediate modularization. 

    Modularization: Paving the Way for a Circular Economy

    Explore the transformative power of modular product design as companies transition from traditional business models to embrace the principles of the circular economy. This shift, while challenging, offers a unique opportunity to balance financial success and sustainability commitments. 

    How Modularization Can Help Vehicle Producers Making the Shift to Electric Drives

    Climate targets and rising sustainability demand necessitate shifting from combustion engines to electric drives. However, the transition to electric powertrains is challenging. Learn how modular structuring of product portfolios can support companies in the transition to electric drive solution.

    Case Studies

    Wärtsilä 25

    How Wärtsilä developed a new, flexible engine family faster than ever before with the help of a modular product architecture and PALMA.


    CommScope achieves 50 times more Product Configurations with 75% fewer components through a Modular Product Architecture for their NOVUX Product line.


    How Veidekke (Nordr) created and implemented a new Modular System for housing interiors and enabled digitalization for their customers. 

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    Increase Efficiency with a Unified Product Information Model

    Unlock the full potential of your value chain by optimizing the flow of product information. Even the most complex product portfolios can be developed, manufactured, and delivered to the market when anchored in robust product architectures.

    Connect Product Roadmaps with EBOM Management by Using a Modular Information Model

    Building a future product family from a modular architecture, using a modular information model, provides the means to communicate results in a digital format to other company functions.

    How to Manage a System of Modular Systems? and Why?

    View our webinar to learn how modular companies are gaining a competitive advantage with a modular framework across platforms and system levels.

    A 5-step Guide to Develop a Modular System

    The Modular Function Deployment (MFD) process is one of the first phases for our clients in their modularization transformation. Download this guide to go through the steps to creating an optimal Modular System for your product and business.

    Guide to Select a Product Configurator

    The number of configuration options available today can often feel overwhelming, and the costs are high for manufacturers needing to configure their product portfolios more efficiently. Feel confident in your configurator choice by downloading the guide.

    Guide to Change Management for Modular Product Architecture

    To fully harvest the value from the investment in a modular product architecture, organizations need to review and update decision forums, and the decision & change management processes. Download our free guide with decision models for governing your modular product architecture.


    Platform Maturity Model Template for Self-Assessment

    Download this simplified version of the tool our consultants use to assess current Platform Maturity. This tool is a cross-functional, reality-based understanding of where an organization stands and its growth goals.

    Strategic Software Module Specification Template

    Download our easy-to-use template to create a strategic software module specifications to streamline the approval process and enable faster revisions.

    Cost Of Complexity Calculator

    Understanding and visualizing the cost of complexity is fundamental to being able to both design and govern your Product Architecture. Download this template to analyze and visualize the cost of complexity throughout all functions in your business