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At Modular Management we enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge implementing and maintaining a Modular Product Architecture with you. 

We regularly arrange webinars to share our knowledge from working with some of the most inspiring companies across the globe and from our research engagements continuously exploring new methods and tools. On this page, you can register for our next upcoming live event or take a look at some of our previously held ones.  


Watch Previous Webinars

Pain to Profit webinar #1

Part 1: From Pain to Profit - Understanding the Value of Optimal Product Complexity

This webinar is helpful if you want to address the pain of complexity in their company.  Want to learn some simple talking points to empower the conversation on complexity within your company

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Part 2: From Pain to Profit - Quantifying the Value of Optimal Product Complexity

The first webinar in the series introduced the concept of optimizing complexity by focusing on the variance valued by the market (an outside-in view) instead of rationalizing or standardizing parts and products based upon current volume (inside-out). In the second webinar, you will be introduced to the concepts of quantifying this value.

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market product strategy

Deploying Market Product Strategy

Market product strategy is your decision on where to win in a market and with what products. You identify opportunities to deliver customer needs better than competitors in market spaces that provide an attractive level of revenue.

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How to Creat Roadmaps to Believe in?

In this webinar, we will discuss how a company can use the product architecture to improve the product planning process. We will describe three roadmaps: the commercial roadmap, the product roadmap and the module roadmap. And how they can be connected and synchronized.

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digital thread

Creating Your Product Portfolio's Digital Thread

Developing a deep understanding of your competitors’ products and costs

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3 Steps: How to Improve Productivity and Customer Value

For the Construction and Building Industry

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cost leadership

How to Achieve Competitive Cost Leadership

Developing a deep understanding of your competitors’ products and costs

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