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At Modular Management, we enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge in implementing and maintaining a Modular Product Architecture.

We share our knowledge and have formed a community of modular practitioners through an ongoing series of webinars. By working with some of the most inspiring companies across the globe and from our research engagements at leading universities, we are continuously exploring new methods and tools. Register today for our next event and browse our library of previously held events below.


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Webinar - Accelerate the Development of​ Hardware Platforms with Agile - 600x365 - Overlay-1

Accelerate the Development of Hardware Platforms with Agile

This on-demand webinar covers an introduction to Enterprise Agile development frameworks and why Agile development methods are here to stay. Additionally, learn how Agile development methods can be applied to hardware development, and why a robust modular architecture, designed for change, is a prerequisite for success.

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Best Practices for Software Architecture in Hardware Companies Webinar

Best Practices for Software Architecture in Hardware Companies

To be successful in the future, companies need to diversify their products even more and the most efficient way to do so is through software-based features. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn ​the symptoms of poor software architecture often found in hardware companies, best practices, designing for software-based innovation, and how to apply business-driven modularity to your software system.

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Designed for Disruption: Rethinking our Product Lines and their Supply Chains Webinar

Designed for Disruption: Rethinking our Product Lines and Their Supply Chains

In this panel discussion, you will hear the top supply network issues every organization is facing globally, how they have reacted to these problems, and proactive measures your organization can take to create a more robust supply chain. You will also see how to align your product portfolio and its global supply chain to minimize disruptions and thrive in the “new normal”.

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How to Equip your Organization to Thrive?

End-to-End Platform Management

How to Equip your Organization to Thrive? In this webinar we will share our experience related to managing a platform-based product portfolio. Equipping your organization with the right people, processes, decision forums, and information management are keys to harvest the value from your investment.You will get inspiration and concrete suggestions how to maintain and grow your modular product platform​.

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Configuration as a core competence

Configuration as a Core Competence to be a Successful Company

In this webinar, we will explore how different types of businesses can leverage product configuration and product platforms. True end-to-end configuration is perhaps not for everyone, but everyone can benefit from analyzing their situation and how they can improve.

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Help your CEO get more Value out of your Engineering Organization

Part 1: Help Your CEO get More Value out of Your Engineering Organization

In this webinar, you will identify the root causes of the symptoms you are experiencing for not getting the most out of your engineering organization. You will be introduced to a self-assessment that can empower your next conversation with the CEO about your current situation.

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 How to Organize and Operate for Efficient Development

Part 2: How to Organize and Operate for Efficient Development

In part two we will explain and exemplify how to organize and operate for efficient development of hardware and software products. Including different aspects of how your product architecture supports efficient development.

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Part 1: From Pain to Profit - Understanding the Value of Optimal Product Complexity

This webinar is helpful if you want to address the pain of complexity in your company.  Want to learn some simple talking points to empower the conversation on complexity within your company.

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Part 2: From Pain to Profit - Quantifying the Value of Optimal Product Complexity

In the second webinar, we will introduce the concepts of quantifying the value of having an optimal product complexity.

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Part 3: From Pain to Profit - Realizing the Value of Optimal Product Complexity

In our third webinar, we focus on how to realize the value. We will look into what are the key steps along this journey. How each step on the path builds value and why companies fail to sustain the value.

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Deploying Market Product Strategy

Deploying Market Product Strategy

Market product strategy is your decision on where to win in a market and with what products. You identify opportunities to deliver customer needs better than competitors in market spaces that provide an attractive level of revenue.

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How to Create Roadmaps to Believe in?

In this webinar, we will discuss how a company can use the product architecture to improve the product planning process. We will describe three roadmaps: the commercial roadmap, the product roadmap and the module roadmap. And how they can be connected and synchronized.

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digital thread

Creating Your Product Portfolio's Digital Thread

Developing a deep understanding of your competitors’ products and costs

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3 Steps: How to Improve Productivity and Customer Value

For the Construction and Building Industry

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cost leadership

How to Achieve Competitive Cost Leadership

Developing a deep understanding of your competitors’ products and costs

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