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Modular Management is the renowned world-leader in enabling and implementing modularity and configuration. Through Consulting and Software, we ensure accelerated Value Creation for clients ensuring operational excellence, customer intimacy, and product leadership.

Our experience ranges from one-of-a-kind project-driven to extreme-volume product-centric businesses. And everything between. No matter if you are new to modularity or already a champion, we can lift you to even greater heights. 

Our unique know-how lies within product management, development, design, sourcing, supply, and sales of modular products – supported by expertise in complexity costing and information management.

 We are The Pioneers of Modularity.

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Modular Management Consulting

1 - Formulate (petrol)

Set the Modular Strategy

Formulate an aligned vision of how to innovate, optimize, and grow to accelerate into the future.  

Since the benefits of modularization are cross-functional; cross-functional alignment and commitment from the management team are fundamental to ensure that you lead in the same direction.  

Modular Management facilitates the executive management team to draw a common roadmap; what is the present state and the envisioned future Modular Company? What is the value of reaching the vision? What is the preferred path and stepping stones along the way?

2 - Create (petrol)

Create a Modular System

The Modular System should be created in a way that ensures the right flexibility for unique customer needs, agility for future development, and operational efficiency. 

With Modular Management’s proven methods key stakeholders are involved in defining a Modular System based on customer needs and company strategy. The target is to be flexible towards the customers in scope, robust towards future developments, and efficient to supply. 

Our methods are also suitable to improve the structure and documentation of existing modular systems.

4 - govern (petrol)

Enable the Modular Company 

Enable the company to get the most value from your Modular System and to sustain it.

The company must be able to not only use a modular product in the daily operation but also take maximum benefit from it. From Sales to After Market, through R&D, Sourcing, and Production. 

Enabling the company involves everything from roles & responsibilities, ways of working, and digital tools. And, perhaps most importantly, making the change happen.  Modular Management has the experience and track record from hundreds of change journeys. We know what it takes. 

3 - implement (petrol)

Implement and Improve the Modular System

The Modular System is implemented within all affected functions: Sales, Design, Supply Chain, Site Installation, After Market, and Services.

Modular Management has unique and proven ways of working to ensure efficiency within Hardware and Software Design, Product Configurators, Pricing Models, Strategic Purchasing, etc. to reach the full potential and keep the modular intent. 

The modular system enables improved leverage of continuous improvements. Our methods ensure that the improvements are sustainable over time. 


In addition to consulting, Modular Management offers world-class software solutions for strategic and data-driven product management. In its third generation, PALMA is an enterprise-grade solution for both defining and maintaining a modular system over its entire lifecycle. PALMA is centered around a shared specification of the products based on customer needs, strategic product planning, modularization, and company strategy.

This specification is the foundation to define a modular system complete with functionality to create and maintain complex configuration rules that can interact with your existing solutions and processes. 

PALMA is a true Software as a Service solution, simplifying implementation while ensuring the highest enterprise-grade security and integrity, and multi-user efficiency. Through open REST APIs PALMA can be integrated into your information architecture to accelerate software support for modularization, product management, strategic pricing for configurable products, and control of your configuration rules. 

Voice of Our Customers

"What we were trying to achieve is a product in the market that has a competitive advantage.But there's a lot of white space between a strategy and an outcome. In fact, this is the essence of the Whirlpool story. We had a great strategy, but the products were good, they weren't great. They didn't have the advantage that the strategy quite honestly deserved. There was a gap and the mechanism to move from strategy to product geometry was using the MFD tool with Modular Management to create modular product architecture. 

Steven Paddock, former SVP of Product Development at Whirlpool.

"A very positive result for us was that we ended up actually having 80% commonality across all different applications, all industries, and all geographies and yet people in the market experienced that they had a much more flexible and configurable product than they ever had before. That was a direct result od modular product architecture."

Mart Tiismann, former regional management at Eaton Corporation and the product divisions of ESAB.

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