New Chief Account Executive Hank Marcy to Lead Modular Management’s Global Industry Practice

STOCKHOLM, Sweden and Minneapolis, USA – January 31, 2024 – Modular Management, the global leader in Product Architecture and Configuration Lifecycle Management, announced today that Hank Marcy has been named Chief Account Executive. Marcy has a comprehensive executive product leadership background and will lead the global industry practice at Modular Management to accelerate growth.

Hank Marcy joins Modular Management with more than 30 years of innovation, product development, and leadership experience. Before joining Modular Management, he served as Vice President, Global Product Development for Johnson Controls - Hitachi Heating and Cooling. 

Before that, he held executive leadership roles in design, engineering, technology, and innovation at Bissell, Whirlpool, and Rockwell Scientific. Hank earned a Ph.D. and M.S. in electrical engineering from Northwestern University and a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Maine. He holds 14 patents and has contributed to more than 90 technical publications.

In his new role, Marcy will be accountable for driving profitable growth by developing an industry-focused strategy and best practices that enable the expansion of Modular Management’s offerings in these key markets. Marcy will build the full capabilities needed to effectively serve these customers by leveraging the transformative foundation of modularity and product architecture configuration.  

“I have worked with Modular Management over the past 20+ years to help my employers increase customer choice and loyalty through more attractive and innovative products while reducing both cost and complexity inside the company and thereby improving both market share and profitability.” said Marcy. “I have seen the power of explicitly tying employees to a company’s strategy through product architecture, whereby almost everyone knows the context and priorities when making hundreds of tradeoff decisions when developing and marketing products. I am excited to work with our very experienced Modular Management colleagues to use our deep experiences and knowledge to help companies in the Consumer and Commercial Appliance and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industries improve their offerings, speed, and profitability.”

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