When Speed is of the Essence

How can executives for large companies speed up time to market for new products?

Large companies, with many brands, tend to face challenges in terms of speed. Smaller companies, by their very nature, have a tendency to be faster and more innovative. 

At the same time as small companies are hungry to challenge incumbents with innovative products on high-margin markets, other global competitors challenge on volume. 

The market leadership of multibrand companies is therefore often under pressure, even for the most successful of organizations. But leading multibrand companies often find ways to move faster. On the product side, for example, there are opportunities to reuse parts across products, reduce cannibalization across brands, compete on innovation and speed up time to market for new products. 

Speed is a key element of The Executive Dilemma, i.e. how to optimize operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership. Click below to find out more.

Executive dashboard


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