Modular Management and XPLM Partnership transforms Product Architecture and Configuration Management

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – January 16, 2024 – Modular Managementthe global leader in Product Architecture and Configuration Lifecycle Management, is pleased to announce the partnership between XPLM and Modular Management, a union set to revolutionize configuration management for the engineering market. PALMA, Modular Management’s product architecture and configuration management solution, aligns seamlessly with XPLM, an expert in integration solutions and industrial business processes.

This collaboration aims to harness the full potential of modularized products, with XPLM providing vital integrations to various PLM systems. The PLM integration with PALMA ensures that product configurations seamlessly merge into PLM processes. Our maiden joint venture has given birth to a cutting-edge product: the integration of PALMA with Aras Innovator.

Key functionalities of the PALMA integration for Aras include:

  1. Effortless BOM Management
    PALMA integration facilitates the creation and updating of Bills of Materials (BOM) in Aras, leveraging PALMA Modules.
  2. Dynamic Part Property Management
    PALMA seamlessly creates and updates part properties in Aras, driven by module attributes.
  3. Intelligent Linking
    Establishing a robust connection, each synchronized PALMA Module is intelligently linked with its corresponding Part in Aras.

“Today’s hyper-competitive world requires superior products to meet customer needs and expectations, not only at the point of sale but also during the entire life cycle where the need for circular solutions gets more and more attention,” said Johan Källgren, Executive Vice President at Modular Management. “This requires an unbroken digital thread with connected IT solutions in the enterprise landscape. PALMA provides the information model to enable this and the cooperation with XPLM provides a proven solution for implementing the model by connecting PALMA with the enterprise landscape in general, and PLM solutions in particular.”

“Successful product planning lays the foundation for a product's success, PLM ensures effective management and optimization throughout its lifecycle,” said Michael Pieper, General Manager at XPLM. “Integrating PALMA with PLM ultimately supports innovation, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction and can significantly enhance the overall efficiency and success of a product.”

This partnership marks the beginning of a transformative journey in engineering configuration management. For more information on how XPLM and Modular Management are paving the way for a new era in modular design and engineering excellence, please visit or

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