Modular Management Introduces PALMA Configurator: A Single, Reliable Source for Verified and Accurate Configurations

Enhancing the sales and design process with end-to-end configuration, the new Configurator is a catalyst for increased efficiency, seamlessly connecting product ideation to sales and delivery

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – May 16, 2024 – Modular Management, the global leader in Product Architecture and Configuration Management, is pleased to introduce the PALMA Configurator, an important new Application provided by the PALMA SaaS. This innovative tool pivots how organizations manage product platforms and configurations, offering a single, reliable source for verified and accurate configurations. The PALMA configurator, an extension of PALMA's existing product architecture and configuration management capabilities, is designed to scale and optimize the end-to-end configuration process and grow with your organization, thereby enhancing the sales and design process. 

The PALMA Configurator provides a powerful and versatile configuration service that can be seamlessly integrated as an API-first solution for various configuration applications. It can also function as an embedded, fully customizable front-end application with API integration for any existing sales platform or product selector. Its key strength lies in its ability to generate valid production configurations tailored to the needs of each organization, spanning across sales, technical, production, legal, and commercial teams.  

This cutting-edge offering from Modular Management is a catalyst for increased efficiency, seamlessly connecting product ideation to sales and delivery. It brings a host of valuable features to organizations, including:

  • Trusted and valid configuration states – Using PALMA's API-first Configurator, the customer journey is enhanced with a powerful constraint-based configuration to existing software solutions or as a component in a best-of-breed solution. The Configuration service allows the organization complete flexibility and control over designing and implementing the configuration logic in the sales and design processes.
  • A configuration experience for your needs – Besides the product configuration service, the PALMA Configurator will allow customers to add capabilities to support the sales journey as they need – use our responsive front-end, save opportunities, manage customers, handle price lists, and generate quotation documentation.
  • Scalable growth – The PALMA Configurator is stateless for high performance and 24/7 access​, independent of where the organization's solutions are hosted. Users can fully manage access control to the database and store ongoing configurations. By using machine-to-machine communication, the Configurator offers the highest level of security in a collaborative SaaS environment, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your data.

“We are excited to announce the launch of the PALMA Configurator—a market-leading solution in end-to-end configuration lifecycle management. This tool empowers our customers with enhanced accuracy and quality in product configurations, significantly reduced lead times, increased efficiency, and the ability to meet customer needs more effectively. The PALMA Configurator's API-first technology ensures seamless integration and future-proof evolution within any application landscape,” said Fredrik Erbing, Executive Vice President of Modular Management and PALMA.

The true power of the PALMA Configurator comes from its ability to serve as a single configurator solution for all use cases (CRM, PLM, ERP, CAD, AIM, PIM), accommodating an unlimited number of external users in real-time applications. It provides flexible configuration services seamlessly integrated into an organization's system landscape, adapting to its terms and conditions. 

Organizations require composable tools and configuration solutions capable of customization to support a changing world. For more information on how PALMA and the Configurator solution can meet these demands and accelerate business performance, please visit


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