Modular Management Releases Systems of Systems Capability

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – December 12, 2023 – Modular Management, the global leader in Product Architecture and Configuration Lifecycle Management, is pleased to announce the release of the Systems of Systems, an add-on to the PALMA solution. Systems of Systems enables companies to manage large or multiple modular systems more efficiently. This milestone is an important step in streamlining the management of product platforms and configuration for manufacturers.

Systems of Systems is a capability to manage and configure the system architecture of multiple unconnected modular systems on all levels. This structure enables the ease of reusing modules and architecture data by publishing data from module systems from one product platform to other module systems in different platforms. Until now, business applications on the market have been limited to modular system’s respective product groups. Managing modular systems across platforms maximizes efficiency. Systems of Systems ensures effective and synergistic cross-platform management across product families and groups.

The development of this capability is an answer to the gap in the market manufacturers have been facing as the complexity of their products and systems has increased. Some common challenges for companies include module systems spanning several disciplines, products branching out into different but similar platforms, and managing access controls internally and externally. A Systems of Systems approach solves these challenges and many more with a structure that enables ease of reuse of modules and architecture data. The immediate benefits to manufacturers deploying Systems of Systems include a seamless way of working with unique or distributed module systems, improved access management, accelerated performance, and greater efficiency throughout the product lifecycle. PALMA is raising the bar for product management systems with this latest addition to its solution offering.

“Systems-of-systems is a groundbreaking shift for product management. Modular Management once again demonstrates product and configuration lifecycle management leadership. We are grateful for the trust and cooperation with our customers to innovate new capabilities,” said Fredrik Erbing, Executive Vice President of Modular Management Group & PALMA.

Manufacturers require the right tools and a product architecture capable of customization to support a changing world. For more information on how PALMA and Systems of Systems can meet these demands and accelerate business performance, please visit

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