Adam Henriksson


Adam is based in Stockholm and likes to solve problems with new ideas.


”It’s always satisfying to see the modular concept that you've been part of creating.”

Starting a new project is always very exciting. 

Faced with a new type of product, new technologies, a new market and a new organization there’s a lot for me to learn and to understand. Likewise, the client is faced with a new way of looking at products and a new way of working. 

When combining the competence held within the client company with the power of modularity, it’s really fun to see the whole team working together to address existing challenges, solving problems and coming up with new ideas.

This work is very intriguing, which is why it’s important not to get carried away, but to work in a structured way with focus on the project targets. 

In one of my previous projects a lot of effort was needed to clarify the project objective and manage the scope. By taking a step back to review our work – and the plan forward – we managed to keep the project on track. 

During a project you’ll always have to overcome challenges like these, but the end result is very rewarding. It’s always satisfying to see the modular concept that you’ve been part of creating.

Adam Henriksson

Adam Henriksson


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