Modular Management Partners with the Brazilian University UNISINOS for Modularization & Product Configuration Courses

STOCKHOLM, Sweden and Minneapolis, USA – October 16th, 2023 – Modular Management, the global leader in Product Architecture and Configuration Lifecycle Management, today announced a collaboration between UNISINOS University, and its GMAP applied research group in Southern Brazil and Modular Management to offer courses on modularization and configurable product architectures. 

UNISINOS Production Engineering department and research groups at the university have recognized modularization as a vital methodology in the advancement of Brazil’s industrial companies. Through their research and publications on the application of modularization at their industry partners, UNISINOS has a leading voice on the benefits of modularity in manufacturing in the region. Aiming to offer undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. level courses in the creation and implementation of modularity that is both academically rigorous and pragmatic in real-world industrial applications, the team of professors identified Modular Management as their preferred partner. 

Through this collaboration, existing and new extension courses on different aspects and benefits of modularity will be based on Modular Function Deployment (MFD®), a globally recognized method developed by the founders of Modular Management. Modular Function Deployment has been researched, evolved, and applied in hundreds of real-world cases over the past 27 years. Through this collaboration, students taking these courses will also be able to use PALMA, Modular Management’s purpose-built leading edge, cloud-based product platform and architecture configuration management solution to create, document, and operationalize modular products. 

“We are very pleased to enter into this collaboration agreement. Modular Management and the UNISINOS team share a passion for modularity, and we greatly appreciate the university’s approach to being a partner to Brazilian industry in both applied research and in offering courses that aim to build competence in students that currently already work or plan their career in the manufacturing industry.” Luther Johnson, President of Modular Management for the Americas 

“Modularization is a fundamental strategy for reducing the complexity of products and production systems. We are all very excited about this initiative, which will soon deliver a first group of educated undergraduate students of MFD® in Portuguese to be followed by graduate, extension and PhD level courses at UNISINOS UniversityDr. Leandro Gauss, Head of the Undergraduate Program in Production Engineering at UNISINOS 

Modular Management’s client engagements in Brazil with global enterprises such as Whirlpool and Alstom Hydro (now part of GE Renewables) have built pieces to a foundation. Through this new collaboration with UNISINOS and its students’ acquiring essential knowledge of MFD and PALMA in the classroom, the company will extend its reach and sustainable impact through modularity and configuration organically in the region. UNISINOS benefits from joining Modular Management’s modularity thought leader network and long history in collaborating with universities such as KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where research and courses based on MFD and using PALMA are already in place. Like students at KTH, inspiration, knowledge, and self-confidence will travel with students at UNISINOS’ into their professional careers and spread awareness of the power of modularity in new companies and the Brazilian industry. 

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