Why Modular Design?


Does your product design methodology support your company strategy​?

Modular Design

Most companies today are operating in multiple market segments and regions where customers demand unique products customized to their preferences with a steady stream of new features and performance.

Companies are also looking across their established internal silos to find ways to improve the performance for their organization. 

The challenge is to simultaneously meet the market demand of mass customized products while cutting internal costs, complexity, lead times and time to market.

In this insight paper Luther describes the difference between Traditional Design and Modular Design methods, with suggestion on how you can implement modular design in your product development process.

Luther Johnson

Luther Johnson

Customers want innovative products, fast. Companies want to make customers happy and be 21st century lean. So how does all that work? Modular Management delivers clarity, performance and customer centricity so clients can reduce complexity and accelerate value creation.


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