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At Modular Management we enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge implementing and maintaining a Modular Product Architecture with you. 

We regularly arrange webinars to share our knowledge from working with some of the most inspiring companies cross the globe and from our research engagements continuously exploring new methods and tool. On this page, you can register for our next upcoming live event or take a look at some of our previous held ones.  


Recommended Webinar


Sanpo Yoshi - A Japanese Business Model

Sanpo Yoshi is an old Japanese business model with origins in the 17th century. Sanpo means “three directions,” and Yoshi means “good,” and the term is frequently used by Japanese businesses even today. It originated from traveling salespeople who realized the importance of honesty and long-term trust for successful business relationships. Should a business outcome be positive for both buyer and seller and society as a whole, business prospects will inevitably grow. The concept can be understood as a win-win-win model, “good in three directions.” In this webinar, the speakers will elaborate on the relevance of Sanpo Yoshi to contemporary Japanese society. 

Mr. Toru Shinohara, Senior Consultant in the Japanese-Swedish joint-venture, Modular Management Japan, will first discuss the concept in an introductory presentation. Mr. Shinohara will be followed by comments from Mr. Akinori Nagano, Country Representative for Sweden in Mitsubishi Corporation, and Professor Jesper Edman, Waseda University’s School of Commerce in Tokyo. The event will be moderated by Dr. Lars Vargö, Head of the Stockholm Japan Center at ISDP.

APRIL 21ST  |  10:00-11.30 CET | 17:00-18:30 JST

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